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Girls bottle service drinks How Much Does Bottle Service Cost in 2015?
Bottle service has always been considered a luxury. The demand for VIP hospitality has grown considerably over the past decade and Las Vegas is certainly no exception.

The price you'll pay for a bottle depends on the nightclub, the time of year, and the day of the week. Check out mid-week and weekend bottle specials by contacting us here. Bottle prices in Las Vegas clubs typically run between $350 - $575 per bottle plus tax, waitress gratuity, table tips and other fees that can reinvent themselves. Most clubs require a 2 bottle minimum that carries a 1-bottle-per-3-person rule. The 1-bottle-per-3-person rule can often be avoided through well established connections. Higher-end clubs will typically expect a tip for the table location and for making sure that you didn't lose your reservation.
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Table Tips
You don't have to be in one of the high-end spots in Vegas to enjoy a table with bottle service. Some clubs and lounges offer bottle service starting at around $300. What is a "Table Tip"? When the Vegas bottle service craze exploded in 2006 you would typically need to tip very heavily in order to make sure your reservation didn't mysteriously disappear. Any club with a line would have overbooked tables. In the spring and summer it was possible for the best clubs to be overbooked 2 or 3 times. This is not as likely to happen today but it's courteous to tip your host if he or she takes good care of your group. Some clubs may set a tip amount for a tables location.

Booking Bottle Service & Not Getting "Bumped"

It's in the best interest for a "VIP" club-goer to establish a good rapport with the hosts at one of the clubs that he/she wants to go to, otherwise one reservation can look much like another. This is difficult for groups coming into town for the odd occasion once or twice a year. An established VIP company (such as LavishVegas of course) can make your experience seamless. For those on a budget we make Las Vegas easy by setting up unbeatable bottle packages and providing the knowledge and logistics that Vegas visitors need. If you are fortunate enough to get your table but haven't established a rapport or tipped your host, chances are your table will be in the hallway, under the stairs or somewhere way in the back by the broom closet. It can be tricky to know what to tip and if it will really make a difference. He/she may not even be able to make any changes at that point in time. Typically, the best tables will be saved for VIP companies or clients who go to the same club on a regular basis. The amount of bottles to be purchased will also make a difference. When the season slows down, getting a table is easier and costs less but getting the best value for your hard-earned cash can be a different story.

Using a VIP Company

So why use a VIP company to get bottle service? If you choose LavishVegas to take care of your night, there will be no waiting and you will get a great table. LavishVegas not only provides excellent VIP service but we also make your night less expensive. If you're shopping around for a VIP company, the "table tip" should also include VIP entry. There should be no need to get your entire party to the club before it opens. A good VIP host will also prevent you having to wait in line. This will save you from the stress of trying to get the door guy's attention and convincing him your party should enter next.

Is Bottle Service Just For The Wealthy VIP?
If a party of 6-8 was to spend $1K on bottles that start at around $450 per bottle, how would it break down? $1K spend + 8 % taxes + 20% gratuity + the cost of the table, and hosted VIP entrance. The total price typically comes to around $1380 ($230 per person - naturally price will vary depending on the number of people in the party).
At LavishVegas, we can take care of everything and sometimes we will comp your party an extra bottle. $230 per person may sound like a lot, but remember that this price typically includes your cover, no line VIP entry, waitress gratuity, drinks, and the luxury of living like a VIP. You certainly won't be waiting in the line for 2 hours asking yourself, "Why did I come to Vegas?" Instead, your party will have a host who will take care of getting you straight in the nightclub, skipping the wait in line and organizing your night. Some other perks:
  • You're a VIP!!!
  • Being treated with the utmost importance & respect while others traffic the nightclub like cattle is priceless.
  • You don't have to fight for the bartender's attention every time you want to get a drink for you and your friends. You get your own private table so that you may come and go to as you please.
  • If you're a group of guys, bottle service and a table will certainly attract the babes! They'll be eating out of your hands... or just trying to drink all of your booze.
  • Bachelor Parties: If you and all your buddies want to get any quality time inside the nightclub, bottle service or hosted entrance is a must! Top Las Vegas nightclubs rarely allow large groups of gents to enter for hours. Consider going to a strip club and returning after 1:00 am when lines have receded.
Ordering Bottle Service
Getting bottle service at the "top" clubs may not be as easy as you would think. Many VIP tables are in high demand and may not always be available unless you are ready to pay a high premium (everyone wants to be a VIP these days).

Why Use A VIP Service? Why not just go directly through the nightclub? Many of our clients have tried booking tables directly through Vegas clubs before and been told "your table is reserved" only to later find out that their table has been sold or it will cost more than originally agreed. Booking with LavishVegas takes care of all your concerns. Not only can we guarantee your table, we will save you the stress of organizing your special night and maybe comp you a bottle or get you a discount.

Bottle service isn't for everyone. It works out to be more expensive than admission and drinks at the bar but you do get a lot of perks for your extra expense. Bottle service is best for those who want to be treated like a VIP or celebrate a special night.

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