Top 5 Dos & Don’ts at Las Vegas Strip Clubs

strip club dancer with gun at guy

1. Never take a taxi to a strip club

free limo to strip club

You will have to pay a big cover, typically higher than if you drove yourself. Book online through LavishVegas and you will get free limo transport and you wont have to pay any cover (we guarantee it). You can do this by completing the quick online forms here. Cover is then waved and transportation is free. All strip clubs do require each person to spend $40 on two drinks.


2. Don’t pay for “VIP entry” into a strip clubVIP entry at a strip club

Lines move very fast. Guess what…? Unlike nightclubs, strip clubs need male customers much more than female customers and most of the clubs are open 24 hours, so it’s very rare to see a line longer than five minutes.

3. Understand VIP rates

$100 VIP bill

If a dancer offers to take you from the main floor of the strip club for a lap dance it may be in the “VIP” area. The duration of a dance is one song. It’s normally $100 for three dances in the VIP area instead of the regular $20 for one dance. It’s unusual for a dancer not to let you know this, but if you have ‘Las Vegas newbie’ written all over you, some dancers may try to take advantage. In most cases, there is little difference between three VIP dances for $100 or one regular dance for $20. However, the most attractive dancers may say “I only do three dances for $100”. On busy nights this may be the case; on other nights they can normally be talked into doing a $20 dance.
Click here for more information on lap dances in Vegas.

4. If you are hungry, eat at the strip club

steak dinner

If you are hungry, chow down. The drinking and sights may make the food taste better or it could be that Vegas Strip clubs simply serve up some great eats at low prices.

5. Don’t be intimidated by some of the girlsdancer at strip club

Every club has a different mood and feel. Some clubs have very laid back dancers and others can be quite aggressive. This is your night, enjoy the attention! There is no need to feel obligated to take a dance from any girl you don’t want to spend time with.

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