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  • Location: Nightclub closed
  • Music:Hip hop, House, Top 40
  • Hours:10:00 p.m. - 4 a.m.
  • Occupancy:1200
  • Our Feature Fav:Awesome waterfall by dance floor

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Tryst Review

When you think about passion, think about Tryst. This nightspot, located in Wynn Casino, is the epitome of what a sizzling hot dance floor should be. Its 12,000 square feet of space allows guests to enjoy the Las Vegas club scene at its highest degree. Tryst, influenced by Las Vegas nightclub guru Victor Drai, incorporates other entertainers from Drai's superclub. Such entertainers include Jess and Cy Waits, who are usually present after-hours. It is no wonder that "A" listers from all over Las Vegas make it a point to visit Tryst when in the area.

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Tryst's nightclub appeal is not limited to music and sexy clientele. It also offers a room with open air; a place to sweat; a place to sway your hips wildly under the stars, next to a ninety foot waterfall that crashed down into a secluded lagoon. A perfect backdrop for that passionate kiss!

Tryst truly has something for everyone. In fact, it even has a special treat for retro fans. Music from the 70's, 80's and 90's pumps at Tryst every Sunday. You get to enjoy great music while enjoying the club scene as well. Pay this club a visit when you are in town! You wouldn't know what you’re missing until you have fully experienced Tryst nightclub and all it has to offer. Tryst Bottle Service

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