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Las Vegas Bachelorette Limo Transport OGs

Return Transportation?

There is no "return transportation" included after you visit Men of OG's. So what are the options?
OG's is located on Las Vegas Blvd (just 1-2 minutes North of the Stratosphere hotel).

Taxi Pricing Guide

Taxi: Taxi ride from OG's north of strip (SLS hotel on strip map) is normally less than 5 minutes and typically costs $8 - $14 for every 4 passengers.

Taxi ride from OG's to south of strip (Mandalay on strip map) typically costs $18 - $30 for every 4 passengers (driver should take Sahara Ave to I15 freeway south).

Limo Transfer from OG's to Hotel on the Strip

When your driver initially picks your group up, let him know if you would also like a return ride. A driver is normally more than happy to give your group a return ride if you offer them a $5+ tip for each person. However don't tip your driver in advance for the return. You will want to tip him when he picks your group up for that return ride.

Sound a little confusing? When you book we are here to help answer any further question you might have. You can even text message us for advice or question about your night while out.

Schedule a Limo for 1 Hour (driver tips included)

Don't want to deal with tips or taxis? Just want to schedule a limo to pick you up when you say? Really? No problem.
If you would like to schedule a limo for 1 hour, the price is $17 per person (6 people minimum). It includes driver tips and:

1 bottle of complementary champagne for 6-8 girls
2 bottles of complementary champagne for 9-12 girls
3 bottles of complementary champagne for every 12- 20 girls

What to take into consideration

Taking taxis or catching a limo transfer is going to be a much more frugal option than scheduling a 1 hour limo. The problem with scheduling the 1 hour limo is that many groups can't organize them selves when its time to leave. Or they may simply decide they want to stay longer.

We think a limo transfer is the best bang for your buck experience but on a super busy night you may need to work with your driver a little. This is best done by texting your driver a heads up 20 minutes before you are ready to leave. Drivers will be dropping off other groups at OG's and then going back to the Las Vegas strip to pick up other bookings. It's in the drivers best interest to take you and your party back to the strip to make a tip. There is normally 5 - 12 drivers working per-night (depending how busy it is).

So if the driver that got you to OG's is not around another driver is more than likely to be happy to help your party.
We have no control of what the "return limo transfer" drivers do. We only operate the "scheduled limos". In the unlikely event your limo transfer is not ready your best bet will be to grab taxis to get where you want to go the quickest.