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1OAK Nightclub

  • Location: Mirage Hotel
  • Music: Hip hop, Top 40
  • Hours: 10:30 p.m. - 4 a.m.
  • Occupancy: 1,581
  • Our Feature Fav: Good sized tables

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1Oak Review

1 OAK, located in the Mirage, is the "embodiment of sophistication, world-class service, and ultimate nightlife innovation". A modestly sized club that manages to make the most out of the space it occupies, the 16,000 square feet of 1 OAK boasts two rooms, both of which have something for every club-goer. An intriguing fusion of New York and Las Vegas, 1 OAK combines upscale, avant-garde New York style with the flash and glitter of classic Vegas, making quite an impression on club-goers the world over. Each room has its own bar and DJ booth, as well as its own audio-visual capabilities, so, depending on the evening, one or both will appeal.

1 OAK also caters to private events, with a buyout capacity of 1,400 people, including the main room and the VIP room. Three full-service bars are available, with lighting and sound covered by Avalon Sound. With its own performance stage and full-service catering if it is needed, 1 OAK guarantees that the even the smallest of details are covered for any and all private events. Celebrities like John Legend and Rob Kardashian have made 1 OAK a must-visit when they're in Vegas, and 1 OAK manages to blend celebrity and non-celebrity so seamlessly that those who visit are certain to return. As exciting as it is for club-goers to spot a celebrity, 1 OAK's true strength lies in making all of its guests feel like a celebrity, even if they are not. Easy to find, 1 OAK is located across from King Ink, inside the Mirage, and it is open on Tuesdays, as well as every Thursday through Saturday, from 10:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.