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Intrigue Nightclub


  • Location: Wynn hotel & Resort
  • Music: a mix of contemporary music genres
  • Hours: 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM Thu-Sat
  • Occupancy: TBA
  • Our Feature Fav: TBA

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Intrigue Review

Intrigue interior
Intrigue lagoon

Designed to expand upon the space left behind by Tryst, Intrigue is one of the newest nightclubs in Vegas — and one with an air of mystery and sophistication. The 14,000-square-foot space makes the most of indoor and outdoor revelry with attractive waterside scenery. For such an intimate club there is something for every taste. If you aren't fortunate enough to land at one of the VIP tables for bottle service, there are three top-shelf bars covering every corner of the club.

Intrigue uniquely bridges the gap between exclusivity and mass appeal. An elegant hidden staircase leads guests into the lower levels of the Wynn resort to a meticulously curated venue that's almost more of an experience than a club. With the full input of Steve Wynn and the full resources of the legendary Wynn property, Intrigue is a colorful shapeshifting nightspot. Even regulars will notice nuances and new discoveries with every visit.

The dancefloor fills the center of the club, making it an easy destination for the most eager of pariters. For a breath of fresh air, or to just ease into the night, the backdrop of a sensual lagoon comes complete with its own waterfall, which can sway from pensive to thundering. The sound of running water augments a cool outdoor environment with pyrotechnic displays ready to energize the entire venue when the time is right.

The luckiest of patrons receive Intrigue masks if the roaming cigarette girl thinks them worthy. Between mementos and mystery, Intrigue brings edge and style to the crowded Las Vegas club scene. True VIP guests and celebrities, however, will find themselves on the list to the private lounge near the front entrance. Modeled after a retro-style living room, the social space is about cocktails and conversation, a true escape from the energy of the dancefloor on the other side of the wall.

Intrigue waterfall
Intrigue Lounge