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Las Vegas Dress Code

Dress Code For Las Vegas Nightclubs

This is the night you've been waiting for. You're staying at one of the many great hotels in Las Vegas, you've attended one of the city's many incredible shows, and you're ready to get your groove on in the hottest clubs Las Vegas has to offer. You've even booked VIP hosted entry so you don't have to wait in line, with a limo to take you there and escort you and your friends back to your hotel for some after-hours partying.  But there's still one more crucial decision to be made, and it's one that many first-timers in Vegas overlook: what to wear. All Las Vegas nightclubs enforce a dress code. The last thing you want is to be turned away while your better-dressed buddies breeze inside to have the time of their lives. Not only is it really embarrassing, but after going back to the hotel to change you'll have to wait in line all over again.

But don't worry - dressing appropriately for a Vegas club isn't rocket science.  Follow these tips and your clothes won't get you turned away. 


  • You should dress to impress. An expensive-looking outfit will get you better treatment.
    Remember that it can be more difficult to get into a club on Friday and Saturday nights, and being impeccably-dressed gives you an advantage.

For the guys:

  • The standard Vegas look is a collared, button-up shirt worn with jeans or dress pants and leather shoes. It's not too original, but it's guaranteed to get you in the club.
    If you insist on wearing a t-shirt, it'd better look like something special. A simple way to dress up a t-shirt is to wear a sports coat over it.
  • Some upscale clubs forbid t-shirts. If you're concerned, check their website or call in advance to find out what their dress code is.
  • A suit is fine, but unless you're 007 you might feel over-dressed.

For the girls:

  • The dress code is simpler for the ladies; just wear whatever you look hottest in! You can go glamorous with a cocktail dress, or keep it casual with jeans and a dressy top.


  • Guys, please don't try going to a club wearing a tank top, no matter how buff you are. It's not likely to work out for you.
  • Even if the club allows jeans, you shouldn't push your luck by wearing ones that are really baggy or torn.
  • No baseball caps, jerseys, or shorts. Ever.
  • Forbidden footwear for clubs are sneakers, sports sandals, and flip-flops.
  • Don't assume all clubs have the same dress code. Just because one club allowed you in wearing a t-shirt doesn't mean that the next one will, and arguing won't help.

Dress Code For Las Vegas Shows

These days you can get away with wearing almost anything to a show in Vegas, especially when it comes to matinees. Shorts, sneakers, t-shirts - chances are you will see a variety of all of these, but that doesn't mean that you can't dress up for a night on the town.


  • Dress so that you fit in with the majority of the crowd – there's no need to feel out of place.
  • Put on some bling to turn an outfit dressier for evening shows.
  • Worried about a dress code for a certain show? Call ahead just to double check.
  • Not sure what to wear? Smart casual (dark wash jeans and a nice shirt) is always a safe choice.


  • Wear tank tops to evening shows.
  • Overdo it and stand out in a negative way.

Dress Code For Dining

Vegas is full of casual dining experiences, not the least of which are the buffets. And the good news for you is that the dress code in these spots tends to be fairly non-existent, so you're free to go in your street clothes.


  • Walk in from sightseeing to any number of the hotel buffets or street restaurants that offer a casual atmosphere. Some casual restaurants may prefer a business casual look, but chances are they won't turn you away.
  • Check in with the hotel if you're concerned about a restaurant's dress code.
  • Be casual and be yourself; these are great places to catch a bit of the air-conditioning.


  • Don't worry about standing out if you head to the restaurants in your flip-flops and shorts.
  • Ladies, don't dress up like you're going to a ball; save your A-list outfits for fine dining and nightclubs.

Dress Code For Fine Dining

With 5-star restaurants and world-class chefs, going out to fine-dining restaurants in Vegas will require some prep-work in your hotel room beforehand. There are few restaurants that have a 'jacket-required' dress code (the highest tier in dress code standards), and you'll want to make sure you dress to impress at these locations.


  • Ladies – have a dress especially for this night. Little black dresses are always appropriate, and be sure to take the extra time getting ready, as all of the guests will be dressed to impress. Heels are a must (but keep them under 4"), and don't forget those diamond studs you've been drooling over.
  • Gents, "jackets required" isn’t just a phrase. Have a nice-fitting jacket (James Bond should come to mind) that shows you have fine taste. Sports jackets and blazers are also appropriate in most places. Slacks of any shade are acceptable, and make sure you wear long enough socks so that you don’t flash your bare ankles when you cross your legs!
  • Remember that elegance and classiness is the goal with 'jacket-required' restaurants.
  • Call ahead to confirm the dress code at any restaurant with a AAA reward or famous chef.


  • Assume that street clothes (sneakers, jeans, shorts, or t-shirts) are going to cut it – you may be turned away.
  • Don't  forget to make reservations a few days in advance if you'll be dining on the weekend.

Dress Code For Casinos

As long as you have money to gamble, casinos don’t really mind what you're wearing (besides shirts and shoes, of course). With the Vegas heat, most casinos know that you are going to be in shorts and a t-shirt during the day. Come nighttime, you may want to change out of your tourist clothes and find some smart jeans and a form-fitting top.


  • Do play the tables in whatever you feel the most comfortable in.
  • Guys, it's best to lose the shorts and flip flops and change into slacks or smart jeans and shoes.
  • If you do intend to play high-stakes games, there may be a business or smart casual dress code (check with the hotel concierge to make sure).


  • Don't be intimidated by the nicer casinos, as the majority of casinos are not picky when it comes to their general casino floors.
  • Don't forget to keep in mind that flip flops and shorts after 6pm are a bad look.