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Top 17 Best Bars in Las Vegas in 2018

Trying to find the best bar in Vegas can be as tricky as deciding which cocktail to order. Grabbing a drink at the most convenient bar on the Vegas Strip is common practice, but which spots are a must visit?

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Blue Martini Bar

17Blue Martini Bar

Blue Martini — part of a small-but-popular national chain – in Town Square is an amalgam of nightlife and entertainment that’s a favorite of locals' and frequent out-of-towners'. Four bars are located throughout the large space, including an open-air patio. Bottle service is available for those looking for a nightclub experience without the prices. Their large stage and dance floor will sometimes feature live bands, but Blue Martini will frequently have a DJ spinning late-night tracks. Town Square is also home to other hot spots such as Double Helix, Miller's Ale House, Yard House, and an Irish pub called McFadden's.

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16Beerhaus at The Park

  • Location: The Park
  • Hours: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Map Bar

Beerhaus is a contemporary urban beer bar situated beneath towering skyscrapers and between rings of trees. It is part of The Park at MGM, which flanks New York New York, just east of T-Mobile Arena. The overall theme resembles parkside pubs dotting the United States’ Midwestern metropolises, not to mention there are Wednesday specials including trivia nights, shuffleboard, and $4 late-night hot dogs. Denverites and Chicagoans may not want to feel so at home, but foreigners, locals, and Californians may love the break from the dark, loud clubs. Everyone will love the microbrew selection and inexpensive, delicious sausages and sandwiches.

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  • Nightclubs: Jewel
  • Live entertainment:T-Mobile Arena
Circle Bar

15Circle Bar

Located in the center of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, just off the Strip, Center Bar is the eye of the storm, with 360-degree views of the rock and roll chaos that surrounds it. The circular shape also makes it ideal for socializing and meeting new people, as it's tough for patrons to sit or stand anywhere without someone across the way checking them out. Happy Hour runs daily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and offers 2 for 1 call drinks.

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14Minus 5

In a city that specializes in over-the-top bar experiences, Minus 5 is perhaps the most unique of them all. Everything is made of ice — the bar, the glasses, even the furniture! Kept to a chilling -5 degrees Celsius inside, guests are wrapped in lined coats, gloves, and boots before entering, not only keeping you warm, but adding to the mystery of the men and women you may meet inside. Their signature? Premium vodka.

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Like the Cosmopolitan in which it resides, Vesper oozes mid-century Hollywood class. Bartenders dress in vests and bow ties, waitresses in skirts, and both stand ready to mix up and serve you what might just be the Las Vegas Strip’s best cocktails. This is the bar you can walk up to in a jacket or dress, order a vodka martini shaken not stirred (and they actually know what that means), and make eyes with a vixen or a fox. Double-0 status depends on your performance.

Fizz bar at Caesars Hotel


As its namesake suggests, with its tall ceilings, narrow glass columns, and dazzling décor, Fizz brings to mind glasses of champagne lined up in rows — and the aristocratic flair to match. In this new Caesars Palace lounge, you'll feel trapped in an endless New Year's celebration. Women and men alike don casual adaptations of black-tie attire as they sip from one of more than twenty sparkling wines available by the glass, including the legendary Dom Perignon and the celebrity favorite, Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial. And for those who dislike bubbles, Fizz also features an array of unique cocktails and a full bar.

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Skyfall Bar at Mandalay Bay


Capitalizing on the enduring popularity of the world's most successful action-film franchise, Skyfall Lounge stretches Las Vegas' James Bond obsession to its limits, offering up an experience that is, indeed, for your eyes only. Like a retro-fitted Macau sky lounge, Skyfall offers stunning, 180-degree views of the Strip skyline as guests sip away on master-crafted cocktails that include titles such as, you guessed it, Shaken Not Stirred. Club owners also promise DJs who spin upbeat house and dance mixes but, with a closing time of midnight most days of the week, Skyfall is less of a club for night owls and more like Delano, in which it resides: a haven for those looking for a different style of Vegas.