Best New Bars in Las Vegas

The great thing about Las Vegas is there’s always a hot new place to grab a drink. Check out some of the best new bars in Las Vegas to open their doors in recent weeks.



Set to open on May 13, Delilah is one of the most anticipated concepts of the year. The two-level bar and supper club will have an art deco design based on the Golden Era of Hollywood. A full menu has yet to be announced, but expect swanky service that includes tableside presentations and old-school classic cocktails. Delilah is also planning to have live entertainment and a nightlife component, perhaps following in the footsteps of the new Mayfair Supper Club at the Bellagio, which gradually increases its energy throughout the evening before shifting into nightclub mode around midnight. It could be the perfect pregame spot for Wynn nightclubs like XS and Encore Beach Club. The space is formerly home to the Chairman’s Lounge and Alex Stratta’s namesake restaurant. The original Delilah in Los Angeles is a popular spot for celebrities and this could just be the first step in taking the concept to other cities around the world.

Mama Rabbit

Park MGM

Photo: JustKids

Mezcal is rapidly growing in popularity and if you want to see what the fuss is all about, check out Mama Rabbit at the Park MGM. The new bar and lounge by Bricia Lopez features the country’s largest collection of tequila and mezcal — both Mexican spirits from the agave plant. The bar has its own exclusive selections and limited editions with some used in carefully balanced craft cocktails. The drinks are designed to complement a small food menu of Oaxacan-influnced dishes. Mama Rabbit is a colorful space, featuring a large mural and slot machines encased in fiberglass. Look for it in the east side of Park MGM near Best Friend and Eataly.

Apex Social Club

The Palms

The Palms $620 million makeover continues with Apex Social Club, which occupies the spot formerly known as Ghostbar. The view is the same and so is the stylish lounge atmosphere, but the decor has definitely improved. It’s far less busy and much more modern and open. There’s also a renewed focus on the cocktail program. However, the wow factor and view of the entire Strip from the 55th floor will never get old. See the view and read more about the best lounges in Vegas.

Camden Cocktail Lounge

The Palms

Possibly the most impressive of the new updates at the Palms, Camden Cocktail Lounge serves up craft cocktails in a sophisticated and stylish environment. Take a seat at the bar or hunker down on a couch and wait for the tableside mixology cart to come to you. Either way, you’re getting some of the most inventive and expertly prepared libabations in town.

The Unknown

The Palms

As dramatic renovations continue to take shape at the Palms, The Unknown has been unveiled as a new centrally-located lobby bar. It’s hard to miss with a preserved 13-foot-long tiger shark ┬ádivided into three display cases hanging overhead. Consider it a conversation piece while enjoying cocktails on a bold white marble countertop.


Park MGMJuniper

With the Monte Carlo now officially transformed into the Park MGM, one of the big new changes is Juniper, a craft cocktail lounge with what is billed as the largest gin collection in Las Vegas. Even the gin and tonics are given a fun twist, customized with a paper fortune telling game that follows a choose-your-own-adventure format.



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