Electric Daisy Carnival 2018 DJ Lineup

This is EDM lovers’ paradise, 400,000 attendees gather to see the top DJ’s in the world perform at various stages full of neon lights. But EDC is more than just an EDM festival, it is also a very unique carnival and a place to express yourself. There are art displays, circus-style performances throughout the venue and attendees dress with colorful accessories and revealing costumes.

Audience – Venue & DJ Lineup
World-class artists gather in Las Vegas to perform in front of thousands of EDM enthusiasts.  As always EDC is going to takeover the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The venue provides plenty of space for the massive festival with several stages, carnival rides, art displays and more.
The festival attracts teens over the age of 18 and young adults.

EDC lineup 2018

EDC 2018

May 18th – 20th 2018
Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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In 2018 the Electric Daisy Carnival celebrates its 8th edition in Las Vegas, taking place from May 18th to 20th.

In 1997 EDC started as a small festival in LA, 20 years later it has become the biggest music festival in North America. More than 400,000 people gather at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway over the course of three days to party like there’s no tomorrow.

This year EDC has expanded the festival grounds to 8 stages, one up from last year. But EDC is not just about the music. In addition, the festival will feature carnival rides, cirque performers and art displays inspired by nature.

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