The Top 7 After-Hours Clubs in Las Vegas

After Hours in Las Vegas

Without question, Las Vegas hosts some of the top dance clubs on the planet with the world’s best DJ’s headlining on a nightly basis. But sometimes that just isn’t enough. If you’re a true wild child looking to extend your party into the Vegas’s late night scene, you need to know where to look. Since the demand for after hours venues have dwindled in recent years due to the emergence of mega clubs with closing hours as late as 4AM, you really need to know someone if you want to find an after hours that’s lively and attractive. Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. Here is a list of the top seven after hours spots in Las Vegas that you may, or may not have heard of.

Best Las Vegas After-Hours Nightclubs & Bars

Gold Spike

Whether you’re looking to play beer pong with dodgeballs & giant solo cups or in need an espresso after sunrise, Gold Spike has every element covered. As one of the largest properties in downtown Vegas, this prime real estate boasts an adult playground with a smattering of  different lawn games such as giant corn-hole, an oversized chess, a lively game that’s a cross between billiards & soccer, and the insatiable four-square. This massive area also contains a rent-able log cabin and an air stream for bosses who want a more unique Las Vegas ‘table’ experience.

Inside is a whole nother animal, offering areas for people to lounge freely on comfortable furniture and inside booths- while listening to EDM, trance, and hip hop dj sets. High quality dart boards, sharp pool tables, and clean bathrooms are all covered. Late night munchies and breakfast options are available at it’s nostalgic 50’s inspired Grill. And if you’re worrying if it’s going to be busy, forget it! This joint always has a flavorful crowd with plenty of young energy. So be ready for an Animal House-esque experience you’ll never forget.

Born and Raised

If you’re looking for a relaxing after hours where you can catch up on what playoff game you missed, or just someplace to unwind… then Born and Raised is for you. Open 24 hours, BAR has two locations- Henderson and one in SW Las Vegas. Both offer a more local vibe where you can meet people and have a conversation without having to yell over heavy dubstep. They also have a delicious food menu that offers a variety of mexican infused dishes mixed with a little Southern California flavor.

You can also host a private party at one of their throwback event spaces like The Convertible or The Bungalow which provides you and your friends the ultimate off the strip theme party locales in Las Vegas if you’re looking for a more intimate affair.

The Artisan

The Artisan Hotel Boutique was once the coolest after hours spot in Las Vegas. Yet this unique hotel has still got a different brand of character that no other hotel can offer in Sin City. You might feel like you’re in the Louvre surrounded by neo-classical and contemporary artwork from all different periods of history, while sipping on a martini at the ultra-lounge. While there, you may catch the attention of some of Las Vegas’s more flavorful crowd that have made their way over from one of the many nearby strip clubs.

Make some friends and stick around a bit later on the weekends and you might feel you’re at a mega club on the med. The Artisan’s after hours party is rocking when their topless optional heated pool is in full swing along side some heavy bass and techno beats. Open 24 hours a day, it’s a must for anyone who doesn’t want the same old touristy crowd along the strip and is looking for something a bit more alternative.

Fuso @ The Hustler Club

Fuso is one of the newest after hours spots in Las Vegas located atop The Hustler Club, making Fuso the only strip club in the city where you can watch the sunrise. It’s one of the few clubs that offer rooms with doors that ‘close’, plus they’ll often include bottles of champagne and half bottles of premium liquor. The babes vary. Some are absolutely gorgeous. Some are your run of the mill Brazilians with ass implants and expensive taste. They have a pretty wide selection of lovely women, so be patient for your flavor to arrive- especially if you go between 1:30-3:00 during their busier hours. But don’t worry, they’re open all the way till 9AM.

What you wouldn’t expect is that they actually have a fantastic kitchen that stays open all night with a menu that offers some legit food at reasonable prices (compared to the drink prices). The nachos with pulled pork, wings , burgers, and chicken pesto panini are all top recommendations. You can book a free limo with no cover to Hustler by completing the booking form here. It’ll save you that extra $60 you’ll want for that special moment around dawn when you’re looking over the strip with Candy on your lap whispering in your ear.

The Sayers Club @ SLS

Live music is a must whether you’re local to or just visiting Las Vegas. The Sayers Club inside the SLS Hotel is a hip, boutique space if you want a first hand look at some of the best acts in the country. With a max capacity of 250 people, you’ve got a great view from pretty much anywhere, but table service is recommended and provided at a pretty reasonable rate by Las Vegas standards if you don’t feel like fighting through the crowd at the bar.

Cover bands, hip hop artists, rock bands- The Sayers Club doesn’t discriminate against any genre of music. The best part about it is that after you’ve soaked in a great live set and some mean old fashioneds, you can stumble out and immediately coast over to the blackjack tables for a well deserved nightcap.

Parkway Tavern

One of the best after hours bars in Las Vegas is way over on the west side right off the 215 in a big space on Flamingo that at any given time just the parking lot can make you feel like you’ve just arrived at a music festival. PKWY Tavern is a 24 hour adult beer garden and playground infused sports bar where the staff is kooky & friendly, and the crowd is always vivacious.

A local stomping grounds for UNLV locals, the scene here is a mix of sports fans, college kids, and attractive local women. It offers both indoor and heated outdoor seating and supplies amusements such as giant Jenga, video arcade games, and even bowling. Show up and be ready to party because the crowd here on weeknights is lively enough. Come here on a holiday like Memorial Day or July 4th and get the full experience with food trucks and liquor sponsors making sure they meet all your celebratory demands.

Drai’s @ The Cromwell

You can’t think late night afterhours in Las Vegas without Drai’s immediately coming to mind. This sexy, vintage, mansion inspired lounge inside The Cromwell is where all nightowls head when they haven’t gotten enough of the nightclub scene just yet. Dimly lit, seductive, and full of beautiful people- Drai’s is the place-to-be if the party don’t stop for you.

The space offers multiple bars, two floors of music and lounge space, and 55 bottle service tables to provide every element of the club you just came from It’s open from 1AM to 10AM and doesn’t really take off till around 4AM when the mass club exodus is taking place, so be sure to be prepared for a wait. Alternatively arrive with a table reservation, or a group of beautiful women and you’ll have no problem being treated like a VIP all morning long while you’re rubbing shoulders with Ford models and NFL superstars. Click here to book a VIP table.


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