Fall & Winter Attractions to Enjoy on the Las Vegas Strip

The summer heat is behind us, and it’s time to enjoy some cooler temperatures in Las Vegas.

Sin City continues to grow with endless attractions and entertainment. From classic favorites to intriguing newcomers, there’s always something exciting to enjoy on the Strip. Here are the fall guaranteed to make your next visit one to remember.


Venetian • Postcard From Earth begins at $49
The Sphere is one of the most talked-about attractions to hit Las Vegas in years. The largest sphere-shaped structure ever built is 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide, covered in high-definition panels for various eye-catching animations on the exterior. The inside is even more impressive, unveiled with a U2: UV Achtung Baby Live residency that runs between September and December. The Irish rockers perform on a minimalist stage, surrounding by a wraparound screen that creates a variety of virtual environments. Postcard From Earth is an in-house viewing experience by director Darren Aronofsky that travels to all seven continents with a touch of sci-fi spectacle.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Bellagio • General admission is free

The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is a free attraction in the Bellagio lobby that changes with the season at least five times a year. The current fall exhibit has a harvest theme, running through Nov. 26 with colorful fall foliage and large-scale arrangements in the shape of mushrooms, sunflowers, and more with walk-through set pieces. If you only pick one spot to snap a selfie, make it the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. You can also book a special wedding proposal package or an intimate Garden Table for a private dinner. 

Museum of Illusions

63 • Tickets begin at $39 for adults, $32 for children
The Museum of Illusions is one of the anchor tenants at the new 63 complex on the Strip. The 15,000-square-foot space has more than 80 exhibits, some large, some small, that use mental tricks and playful perspectives to create illusions and make you think. You’ll see ample use of infinity mirrors, lights, and unique positioning used to full effect. Walk across a bridge that appears to be spinning or play a game of cards with yourself. The Museum of Illusions began in Croatia and now has more than 40 locations around the world, including Las Vegas.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Mandalay BayTickets begin at $20
Imagine being under the sea, without any scuba gear to worry about. That’s what it’s like to walk through an enchanting tunnel-like hallway at the Shark Reef Aquarium. You’ll enjoy an up-close look at all sorts of sea life in hundreds of forms. There’s a collection of exotic sharks, colorful fish, turtles, sting rays and even a Komodo dragon. Upgrade to the Undersea Explorer virtual reality experience, and the price is still well below $40.


AREA15 • Tickets begin at $29

Illuminarium, located just outside the main AREA15 building, is a fascinating space where unique environments come to life in a 4D experience. Visitors are surrounded by high-definition video and computer-generated images embellished with sounds, scents and vibrations in the floor. Illuminarium is running “Space: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond” (where you can even leave your own “footprints” in virtual moon dust) and “Wild” (based on an African safari). You can also take part in immersive viewing parties during NFL season with gameday food and drink. 


The Strat • Tickets begin at $49
Here’s a show that’s better in the dark. iLuminate is a combination of music, dance, comedy and magic with glowing costumes and scenery that come to life with LED technology. The show has performed throughout the world and placed third in the 2011 season of “America’s Got Talent.” Now with a home in Las Vegas, iLuminate runs at the Strat at 7 p.m. with special 3 p.m. afternoon performances on Sundays. Fans of all ages will love the show.

Discovering King Tut’s Tomb

The Luxor • Tickets begin at $30 for adults, $20 for kids

Discovering King Tut’s Tomb is both education and entertainment, arriving in Las Vegas just in time to mark 100 years since the resting place of the Egyptian boy pharaoh was found by renowned archaeologist Howard Carter. The exhibit includes a simulation of the tomb, art displays and multimedia presentations that dig into Egyptian history and culture, the legacy of the Valley of Kings and the short life of King Tut himself.

Shaq’s Fantasy Lab

Fashion Show Las Vegas • General admission begins at $35

Fantasy Lab is now Shaq’s Fantasy Lab, rebranding itself in a partnership with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. The immersive, interactive experience began in Mexico City and now has a second location at the Fashion Show shopping mall in Las Vegas. Guests will visit seven rooms, each designed to represent a dream-like journey through time and space. Be ready to snap some eye-catching photos for your Instagram feed. Enjoy food and drink from the Time to Dream Kitchen during your visit.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

The Luxor • General Admission $32 (Locals $25)

Last year year marked 110 years since the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean. To honor and remember the tragedy, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition welcomed more than 30 additional items recovered from the doomed cruise ship, ranging from playing cards and currency to a corkscrew and bathroom items. They join more than 300 other artifacts already on display with an exhibit hall that includes a 15-ton piece of the hull and recreations of the Titanic’s staircase, cabins and promenade deck.

The Paradox Museum

The Strip • Tickets begin at $25 for adults, $21 for kids

The Paradox Museum is a new attraction by the founders of the Museum of Illusions, and it’s hard not to notice some crossover between the two. Located at the Showcase Mall, the Paradox Museum is a series of winding hallways with more than 90 exhibits, ranging from an interactive, talking piano to a carousel that changes appearance three times during a single rotation. You’ll see Vegas inspired touches in an Elvis guitar that visualizes the pluck of a string and a “strip club” room that appears to defy gravity when a photo is taken at an appropriate angle.


West of the Strip • Free admission Sunday-Thursday, $15 cover Friday-Saturday
Photo: Anthony Mair

AREA15 is one of the most compelling destinations in Las Vegas. Located just west of the Strip near Chinatown, the mixed-use entertainment space won’t break the bank. Admission for the venue’s marquee attraction, Omega Mart (an expansive art installation that resembles a grocery store) is $49, with discounts for kids, seniors and military. Tickets for Birdly — a flight simulator that sends users soaring over cityscapes — begin at $10.25 for kids and $13.50 for adults. Haley’s Comet is a hang-gliding-style motorized zipline ride that begins at $12 for kids and $18 for adults. Anyone 21 and over can also order a drink at Oddwood, a bar with a 24-foot LED tree at the center. Specialty cocktails are $12.

FlyOver Las Vegas

The Strip • Tickets are $36 for adults, $26 for kids
FlyOver Las Vegas (Photo: by In Color Studios)

FlyOver Las Vegas is similar to Soarin’ Around the World at Disneyland but even better. The same people designed both rides. Take “flight” in a simulated hang-glide ride while beautiful destinations emerge on an ultra-high-definition screen that spans more than 52 feet. The experience is enhanced with surround sound, gusts of wind and even a few smells. Choose between Wonders of the American West, Iceland or Windborne: Call of the Canadian Rockies, featuring snowy lands north of the border – a perfect environment as we shift between summer and winter.

Dino Safari: A Walk Thru Adventure

Horseshoe • Tickets starting at $22.25

Dino Safari: A Walk Thru Adventure is a journey back in time through millions of years to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Visitors of all ages will love interacting with more than 30 large-scale animatronic recreations of the prehistoric creatures along with exhibits of real fossils, interactive games and virtual reality. It’s the perfect combination of education and fun, based on true-to-life scientific discoveries.

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck Experience

Paris Las Vegas • Tickets starting at $16

Eiffel Tower Experience Las Vegas

For a high-rise escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip, take a trip to the top of Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower for an unforgettable romantic getaway. A half-scale replica of the real thing, the Vegas version of the Eiffel Tower has an observation deck with stunning 360-degree views. You won’t want to miss the Bellagio Fountains from this angle! To add to the magic, book a dinner reservation at the elegant Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

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High Roller

The LINQ Promenade • Tickets starting at $22

High Roller

Eager to take your Vegas vacation to new heights? Board the High Roller and enjoy an incredible 360-degree view of the Las Vegas Valley. Located at the east end of the The LINQ Promenade, the world’s tallest observation wheel even provides an in-cabin open bar (with personal bartender) for an extra fee. The entire ride usually takes about 30 minutes and peaks at around 550 feet in the air.

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Skypod Viewing Deck

The Strat • Tickets begin at $20

Standing at 1,149 feet, The Strat is one of the tallest freestanding structures in the United States. Ride the elevator to the Skypod observation deck on the 108th floor, where you can walk around the perimeter for full views of the surrounding area (and grab a cocktail at 108 Drinks). An outdoor viewing area is on the 109th floor, where you can enjoy the rush of thrill rides that dangle over the edge.

Bodies…The Exhibition

Luxor • Tickets starting at $32

Bodies The Exhibition

For an intriguing, educational experience, visit Bodies…The Exhibition. The attraction features real, dissected human bodies, allowing you to see organs, bone, muscles and other parts usually hidden beneath the skin. Compare damaged tissue to undamaged tissue and gain a better understanding of the human body’s different systems. A similar exhibit by another company, Real Bodies, is on the lower level of the Horseshoe casino.

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