Up to $15 Off Each on any Lavish Vegas Bachelorette Package!

Free limo at strip club
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Our package prices are already the best in town. But guess what? We are making them an even bigger bargain!
If your bachelorette party also has a bachelor party in town or knows of one coming into Vegas, your group saves $10 – $15+ each off any of our packages.

What qualifies as a referral?

We set up free limo transportation with no cover to the best Las Vegas strip clubs. Every gentlemen your group sends us, we pay $10 cash-back to your bachelorette package. Send 5 referrals and compensation is raised to $15 per gentleman sent. Compensation is refunded to your group’s credit card payment and qualifies once the gents have paid for their 2 drinks inside the strip club . The 2 drinks costs between $30 – $40 each. You must let us know that your group would like the compensation before booking.

What if the guys aren’t in town until after we have experienced our bachelorette package?

Your group has up to 90 days after submitting payment to get any referral refunded back to the credit card that was used to book the bachelorette package. After 90 days it’s not possible for us refund the compensation back to your card.

What if the guys are in town before we book our bachelorette package?

Once the guys have visited their desired strip club through our booking, the price  of your package will be reduced accordingly before your visit.

If your group has any questions about this offer please comment below!



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