Best Vegas Strip Clubs: Limo, Cover & 2 Drinks For $35 – $40 Each!

Free limo at strip club

If your plans are to enjoy a night out at one of the many exotic strip clubs in Las Vegas, there are a few things you should understand beforehand. If you are taking a cab, you should factor in the cab fare and driver tip. Depending on where you’re staying in town, it will typically run you between $20–45 round-trip. Cover price at strip clubs is normally around $40+ per person but can vary depending on the club, event, night of the week, or state where your ID is issued. A great way to counter a lot of these costs is to travel in style and book your transportation through

How much does it cost to go to a Las Vegas strip club when I book through LavishVegas?

Score your group limo service, cover and 2 drinks for just $35 – $40 each. Once you schedule a time and location for pickup, we will have a host personally take care of your reservation. If your plans change and you want to spend a little extra time someplace, simply send your host a text message or make a quick call to change the pickup time or location (click here to book free).

Whenever a user makes a reservation through one of our booking forms online, it gets sent straight to a host or limo driver by text message and email. Within a few minutes, we will set up our user’s reservation at no cost.
The free transportation is arranged through the strip club of the user’s choice, and the user doesn’t have to pay the normal cover that would be expected when arriving by taxi.

Limo, Cover and 2 drinks for just $35 – $40 each? Is there a catch?

You might think that running a strip club is as easy as selling water to tourists in the desert. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the clientele in Vegas strip clubs are only in town for 2 nights a year. Most tourists are not very familiar with the strip clubs in town and will ask people like cabbies for recommendations. It makes more sense for strip clubs to kick back money to taxi drivers and limo drivers for every person they bring instead of paying for advertising on billboards and in magazines. This is why you can end up paying a hefty cover charge when you take a taxi. LavishVegas (doing business as Fabulous Las Vegas LTD) works directly with the house transportation at the most popular and highly rated strip clubs in town. When our users conveniently book through us, transportation is provided by the strip club they choose. This method greatly minimize the expense to only $30 – $40 each for limo transport, cover and 2 drinks!

Are Las Vegas Strip Clubs Shady? How Do I know I wont get ripped off?

The days of all nightclubs and strip clubs attempting to ripoff patrons has certainly been on the decline since the social network boom and powerful review websites such as Yelp. However that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Individual strip club promoters on the streets have little to loose if the deal they promoted to you is not honored once your group arrives at the strip club they promote. LavishVegas works with all the top spots in town, if there was ever a problem at any of the strip clubs we recommend we would not recommend them. We guarantee all the prices we quote.

Which strip club should I book?

We aim to provide unbiased and accurate information that will answer any question you have about strip clubs in Las Vegas. You can’t go far wrong with the top name clubs: Crazy Horse, Sapphire, Hustler, Treasures and OG’s. To book, just complete desired online club form here. If you need any strip club advice or free help planning your entire night out, use our free Vegas Trip Planner.

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