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Guide To Two Bedroom Suites

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Las Vegas Two Bedroom Suites

How Many People Can A Two Bedroom Suite Accommodate

If you are planning a Vegas vacation with family or a large group of friends and are looking to stay in a 2 bedroom suite versus multiple guest rooms, you are probably asking yourself something along the lines of “how many people can sleep here” or “what is the capacity for an event”. This question can be a little tricky to answer, and here is why:

When looking at different suites within one particular property or across many different resorts, you will notice that there are variations in square footage, layout, beds, and even what the hotel will officially allow as a number of guests. Also what a specific suite might hold comfortably for a birthday celebration would certainly not work for overnight guests.

The general rule for overnight guests is 2 people to a bed at a minimum, and usually hotels are more than happy to provide at least one roll away bed for an extra fee. This is of course what the hotel will officially allow. In reality just so long as you are not obnoxious about it, you can usually fit more people in the room if they sleep on couches or chairs.
Delano Penthouse
Penthouse at Delano

When it comes to hosting an event, many properties will list the number of people that can fit comfortably. For example the Penthouses at Delano have a function capacity between 12-38 guests. This is based on sq/ft, the layout of the suite, and furnishings. Please, do not try to fit 38 people as overnight guests. They will end up all hating each other and the hotel will probably throw you out into the desert sun. Not fun, especially in August.

Always verify hotel policy regarding the number of guests, event details, catering/bringing in your own food and drinks, etc. as different properties have unique rules, and no one wants to be scrambling at the last minute to correct a mistake, especially when there are so many fun things you could be doing instead in Vegas.

Any questions on individual hotel policies for number of guests, catering, or hosting an event, give us at Lavish Vegas a call at 1-877-952-8474 or hit the contact us button on the main page as we are always available to make planning your trip a little easier, and your vacation a little more awesome!

Finding a Cheap 2 Bedroom Suite

If you are in the market for a 2 bedroom suite, especially one that won't break the bank, the search can be daunting. Unlike regular guest rooms and even many 1 bedroom suites, 2 bedroom suites are much fewer within a hotel, are oftentimes much more expensive than their 1 Bedroom counterparts, and many times aren't listed for booking, especially on 3rd party sites where traditionally the best deals are to be had.

The above notwithstanding, yes you can find great deals on 2 bedroom suites in Las Vegas. You just have to know what you want out of the suite, as an example is it for a hosting a party or for your family vacation? Also importantly know what you can and cannot afford (those resort fees add up), and finally know where to look and book.

There are ultimately three ways you can go about getting a 2 bedroom suite that hopefully won't break the bank. The first, and probably the most common is to get a 1 bedroom suite with a connecting room. Most resorts such as Cosmopolitan, Rio, Delano allow you to do this. The plus to going about booking this way is the 1 bedroom suite and connector should come out to much less than a self-contained 2 bedroom suite. You still get the extra space, better furnishings, and many times additional bathrooms that a 2 bedroom suite would provide. Usually the only big difference is the addition of another entry/exit door. Rio's Masquerade Suite and connector, for instance, would give you ample room for almost any event with the bonus of large floor to ceiling windows, and Vegas wide views.

Signature suite
Signature Suite

The second way would be to simply book a dedicated 2 bedroom suite. Hotels like Mirage, Mandalay Bay, and MGM have these options. This option is generally, but not always the most expensive choice as people tend to book 2 bedrooms for the luxury element. Casino resorts also like to give these suites to their high level players that might not warrant a villa comp. However, as an example, these three properties have dedicated penthouse and or villa level accommodations, and are quite large properties. As such, their 2 bedroom suites can be rented quite reasonably, depending on the date you wish to book of course.

The final option can be the cheapest, however, as many Vegas visitors desire a casino and 24/7 action, it may or may not be for you. In this case you can book a condo hotel or timeshare property like Elara, MGM Grand Signature, Polo Towers, or Jockey Club. Here you might find a 2 bedroom suite for less than a regular room at a 5 star resort or a 1 bedroom suite at a 4 star casino resort. You also get the benefit of a kitchen and a much smaller property to navigate. That does not mean that all condo hotels are boring. They are not. As an example Elara has drop down projector screen TV's in their large suites, and Signature has balconies with breathtaking views.

All options can be a winner, depending on you and your needs. Let us at Lavish Vegas help you find the room, suite, or villa that best fits your needs and that will make your trip the best and best priced it can be!

The Most Expensive Suites

Booking, or even simply finding the best large suites and villas in Las Vegas can be a challenge. Hotel’s top accommodations are oftentimes not bookable on their websites and/or they are held in reserve for top casino guests and are not generally available to the public. LavishVegas.com, however, has your exclusive guide to the crème de la crème of Las Vegas’ most “lavish” suites.

1Wynn Las Vegas- Apartment Villa

The 2 story, 4 Bedroom Apartment Villas at Wynn Las Vegas top this list because these are absolutely not bookable. These are provided to the most elite of players, comped of course. Therefore entry into what amounts to your own private mansion can run upwards of $3,000,000.00 in cash or credit in the casino cage. Being willing to spend that amount of money affords you with luxuries such as a private backyard with pool, his/hers bathrooms for all 4 Master Suites, a gym, private hair salon, and elevator.
Bucket list anyone?

2 Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace- Nobu Villa

Not the largest villa at Caesars Palace but certainly one of the most impressive. Features approximately 10,500 sq/ft of opulence which includes a 4,700 sq/ft roof top deck with Jacuzzi, BBQ, and stunning views of The Las Vegas Strip. Villa prices at Caesars fluctuate but generally run in the $25,000.00 a night and up range, oftentimes topping $40,000.00 per night. This being the most unique, and newest of all Caesars villas, expect it to be even more expensive.

3The Villas at Caesars Palace

The newest villas in the Octavius Tower have to be on this list as Caesars spent roughly $15 Million in constructing each villa to meet the standards of even the most demanding high roller. All have luxuries such as private pools, fire pits, and your very own library. The largest of the new villas, “Constantine” feels like you are stepping into a private palace on a Greek isle. Your personal palace can be booked, starting at $25,000.00 per night.

4The Palazzo Las Vegas- Chairman Suite

The best of Palazzo will leave you breathless. Fireplaces, a gym with steam room, and bathrooms that are larger than many Vegas suites, yes suites, can’t do anything but take your breath away. Like any good villa level accommodation, the Chairman Suite also features a private outdoor area with pool and Jacuzzi. Living like a CEO or Chairman starts at $25,000.00 per night.

5Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas- Emperor and Mandarin Suites

Who says you need to have a casino in your hotel to have one of the most lavish suites in Vegas? Not us, and certainly not the owners of Mandarin Oriental! Their 2 Bedroom Mandarin Suite or 1 Bedroom Emperor Suite each are available at around $15,000.00 + per night. For the price of a small car you get sweeping views of Las Vegas from floor to ceiling windows, a bathroom that wouldn’t be out of place in Architectural Digest, your very own chef’s kitchen, and private dining room.

Prices fluctuate greatly in Las Vegas based on time of the year, important events, and even public perception of the property; therefore there are many other suites and villas that can be added to the list. At this time, we just think these are the best.