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  • Showtimes:
    7 p.m. nightly.
  • Location:
    Stratosphere Theater, Stratosphere
  • Show length:
    70 minutes
  • Age restriction:
    Must be 5 years of age or older

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The white glove comes on, the moon walk starts, and you find yourself screaming along with the rest of the audience as you see the pelvic thrusts. It's only a little while later that remind yourself that you aren’t actually at a Michael Jackson concert, but this is the next best thing on earth. Naturally it's in Las Vegas. The Rio is thrilling audiences with their MJ Live variety show that has young and old Michel fans singing along with Bad, Billie Jean, and Smooth Criminal.

While Elvis impersonations stole the show for several years in Vegas, Michael Jackson is the up and coming tribute act, and no one does this pop icon more justice than Sin City. The Rio has hired famed Michael Jackson impressionist, Michael Firestone to amaze and astound audiences with authentic hair, costumes, and personality that only the King of Pop has. This is not a lip-sync show; Michael Firestone prides himself on being the "real deal" and giving audiences a full Michael Jackson performance.

This hour-long show is great for all ages, but knowledge of MJ songs is a must. Tickets are budget friendly and make for a unique, light-hearted afternoon or evening for the whole family or one-of-a-kind date.


Michael Firestone takes his job as a Michael Jackson impersonator seriously. From the moments the lights come up on stage to signing autographs after the show, Michael wears MJ costumes with pride. Firestone has been fascinated with Jackson since he first watched the zombies climb out of the manholes on Thriller and he started practicing his act since age 10. Prior to his debut in Las Vegas, Firestone worked on cruise ships, waiting for his big break. The MJ Live tribute at the Rio gave Firestone the chance to really shine as the King of Pop. Sometimes performing 2 shows a day, Michael Firestone is the secret behind MJ Live.

MJ LIVE - Michael Jackson Tribute, Stratosphere Showtimes

Date Day of Week Showtimes
12/08/2023 Friday 7:30 PM
12/09/2023 Saturday 7:30 PM
12/10/2023 Sunday 7:30 PM
12/11/2023 Monday 7:30 PM
12/13/2023 Wednesday 7:30 PM
12/14/2023 Thursday 7:30 PM
12/15/2023 Friday 7:30 PM