MGM Opens The Park at T-Mobile Arena

The Park at MGM

Monday marked the opening of MGM’s brand new entertainment pavilion, The Park.

The event was the first in a week-long celebration of the opening of the Vegas-based entertainment giant’s highly anticipated 20,000-seat T-Mobile‎ Arena.

Located on the north side of the New York New York, the complex is designed to breathe new life into the property and its dated 1990s cousin, the Monte Carlo.

The Park itself features fountains and flora native to the Mojave Desert surrounding Las Vegas, creating a desert-scape that provides visitors with much-needed patio seating in the shade.

The park lady

Though the Park entertains guests with outdoor bar games and local music artists (who during the opening played everything from cello concertos to jazz flute improvisations to hip hop), it was MGM’s larger-than-life wire sculpture of a voluptuous dancer who stole onlookers’s attention.

New bars and restaurants include Beerhaus, which features over 70 brews on hand, including a very respectable collection of craft brews. Their happy hour, which runs from 2 to 4 p.m., offers specials on local beer selections.



Beerhaus at happy hour

The sandwiches were no slouch either, particularly the rotisserie chicken on a premium white bun, which for $4 is well worth the hike for locals and tourists alike—basically anyone looking for eats on the cheap on the otherwise pricey Strip.

The Park also houses a California‎ Pizza Kitchen and Sake Rok, a lively sushi bar that resides at the end closest to Toshiba Plaza, the large paved area just outside T-Mobile Arena.

According to Sake Rok’s staff, they serve quality family-style Japanese food at a reasonable price in an atmosphere that’s more Vegas and less suburban sushi chain. They have signature cocktails and today’s hottest music. Their waitresses dance on the tables every 20 to 30 minutes. And their rooftop patio with views of the arena is reminiscent of stadium-side saloons in Denver or Chicago.

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