The Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt List

Las Vegas is at the top of the list when it comes to best bachelorette party destinations in the world. With world class bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and entertainment it’s hardly a wonder why brides and their main girls flock to sin city every year. To help celebrate the big night, scavenger hunts can be a wonderful way for the wedding party to bond, party, and explore all that Las Vegas has to offer. We will be adding a PDF of the scavenger hunt at the bottom of this page so that you can print it and take it with you on the go, checking off every box until the end. Should you finish all of these tasks, buy yourselves a round of shots! You deserve it!

1.Snap a selfie with another bride-to-be!

On any given night on the Las Vegas strip, you’ll find numerous bachelorette parties bar hopping and hitting up the nightclubs. Find another bride-to-be and take a selfie, just the two of you! Bonus points if she’s getting married the same month as you!

2. Get a condom from a guy for the bride!

Don’t worry, brides…you can save this condom for your husband, I swear! But you need to ask one guy for a condom to save for later. Bonus points if he’s easy on the eyes!

3. Collect personalized messages for the bride from a bartender you meet!

Most bachelorette parties include alcohol so why not take something away from all the bars you visit, other than just a mean hangover! Have a bartender who serves you during the night write down something special for the bride! It can be anything from marital advice to secret drink recipes! Bonus points if they write their phone number!

4. Get a group of strangers to toast to your wedding party.

In Las Vegas, people are always looking for a reason to party– so why not for your wedding? Get a group of strangers to raise their glasses to your bridal party and big day! Bonus points if you get them to buy your party a round of shots!

5. Find something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Everyone can pitch in for fun items that the bride can incorporate into her big day! Bonus points if you can “borrow” an item from a complete stranger!

6. Find a man with the same name as the groom and take a selfie with him!

Considering the large amount of people frequenting the sidewalks and casinos along the Vegas strip, it should be easy peasy to find another man with the same name as your beloved! Bonus points if your man has a unique name and you manage to find the perfect match!

7.Take a photo with someone who looks like the bride’s big celebrity crush!

Everyone, including our bride, has a secret celebrity crush! Go out and hunt down their doppelganger. Make sure to snap a photo to remember this moment so the bride can gush over them forever! Bonus points if you actually find their celeb crush, this is Vegas afterall!

8.Have a man tattoo his name on the bride’s body with a pen.

This doesn’t have to be as dirty as this sounds, I promise! Find a good looking man and ask him to “tattoo” his name on the bride’s body. Any location works, but bonus points if it’s on an area that’s covered by clothes!

9.Take a photo of “the bride and groom in 50 years!”

This one will be tons of fun! Find another couple who looks suspiciously like the bride and groom 50 years in the future. Bonus points if the bride is in the photo with them!

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