Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas for…

By any measure, Vegas is home to some of the best strip clubs in the world. But for those looking the best of the best—whether its women, the atmosphere, the food, or all three—look no further than one of the clubs below.

Best Strip Clubs For Curves


Guys into girls with serious assets will love Hustler, which features two floors of voluptuous vixens from all six continents—most of them with a strong Brazilian and Cuban influence. And as the most brightly illuminated of all the strip clubs, you won’t miss a curve—whether the ladies are on stage or on your lap.

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Best Strip Club For Food


Saying you go to the strip club for steak is like claiming to read Playboy for the articles. But under Treasures’ roof, its true. Consistently voted among the top steakhouses in Vegas—half-naked women or not—the best part is that you’ll still pay substantially less than you would at the Strip’s finest chophouses. And trust us, you’ll much prefer the ambience at Treasures.

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Best Strip Club for Bachelor Parties

Crazy Horse III

For two years in a row, the Review-Journal voted Crazy Horse the best place for a bachelor party, and we agree. Unlike many of the other large clubs, Crazy Horse is divided into multiple separate rooms, each with one or more circular booths or chairs surrounding a pole. The layout ensures your entire party an up close, personal view of some of Vegas’ best dancers—no matter where you choose to sit. They also offer $20 beer buckets, perfect for sharing with the group or one of the myriad DJs or celebrities who frequent this party pad. But our absolute favorite feature—the friendly, down-to-earth girls who are happy to chat you up a bit before offering a dance. Contact us today to save big on a bachelor party package.

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Best Strip Club for Watching Sports


Sapphire’s VIP showroom is one of the most fun places in Vegas to watch sports. Whether your team is winning or losing, you’re sure to have a good time. And unlike Bruno Mars and rehashed rock relics, Sapphire’s halftime shows are worth watching—all wardrobe malfunctions are intentional.

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Best Strip Club to Take a Girl



Olympic Gardens’ convenient location—right on the Las Vegas Strip—and affordable couples packages make it the obvious choice to take your girlfriend or wife on an adventure. The club offers ladies for him and gents for her, all while comfortably sipping champagne in a romantic booth away from the lads and lasses looking for a wild time. Contact us today to arrange an unforgettable night for two.

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Strip Club With the Most Attentive Women

Spearmint Rhino

Strip club outside

If men are truly being honest with themselves, one of the biggest reasons we go to strip clubs is for attention. Few other places in the world offer men the chance to step aside and for once, have the women approach you. For any guy who wants to feel wanted, to feel desired, no other club in Sin City offers such eager women. But be forewarned—the attention can be too much to handle for some.

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