Caesars Palace’s New Golden Renovation

Commemorating its 50th Anniversary Caesars Palace unveils the new Julius Tower, opening on January 1st, 2016.

Caesars Palace has been a landmark of The Strip for many years now; in a city where old hotels are often imploded and new megaresorts take their places Caesars Palace is one of the few that has managed to last more than a few decades. Throughout 50 years of history Caesars Palace has undergone various expansions and renovations. In 1966 the original Roman Tower opened, in 1970 the Centurion (now Nobu) Tower was added; in 1975 the Forum Tower, in 1998 the Palace Tower, in 2005 Augustus and in 2012 Octavius.

It is only natural that the original Roman Tower hasthe least luxurious and spacious rooms, after all it has been 50 years since it was built. Truth is, Vegas savvy travelers usually advise guests to avoid the Roman Tower. But after the $75 million dollar renovation we think that’s definitely going to change.

Final Bathroom Rendering_e

The Roman Tower has undergone several renovations before but this is the biggest one so far, and by the looks of the renderings we think the Julius rooms are going to be the top choice among Caesars Palace guests now. At the announcement Gary Selesner, Caesars Palace regional president, commented:

“As we enter into our milestone golden anniversary year, we continue to reinvent Rome…and Las Vegas. We set the standard of luxury when we first opened our doors almost 50 years ago and are proud to continue to raise the bar for excellence in every way. Caesars Palace has a well-earned reputation for providing guests with impressive accommodations, unmatched culinary offerings, and the best in gaming and entertainment. With this renovation of our original tower, we are proud to continue this tradition and can’t wait for guests to experience the all-new Julius Tower.” – Caesars Palace Las Vegas

It seems that Caesars Palace will remain a Vegas landmark for many years to come.

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