Criss Angel’s “The Supernaturalists” Promises to Bend Reality As You Know It!

Criss Angel’s new show, “The Supernaturalists” is expected to distort, bend and play with your idea of reality like never before, as the Mindfreak shall appear in two different casinos, 2,500 miles apart – at the same time!

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the “The Supernaturalists” shall premier at the Foxwoods resort in Connecticut on June 23, where is it scheduled to have a four-week run, before Angel and his team head out a to an extended national and international tour.

“The Supernaturalists” features nine highly talented, world-class illusionists other than Angel himself, including Landon Swank, who featured on “America’s Got Talent,” the escape artist, Spencer Horsman, the renowned mentalist from South Africa, Banachek, the card manipulator Stefan Vanel from “Crazy Horse Paris,” the Spanish street magician Adrian Vega, and the Colombian dog conjuror, Johnny Dominguez.

Other noted illusionists who feature on the show are the world renowned female magician Krystyn Lambert, who appeared with Angel in Cirque’s “Believe,” the popular stand-up comedian/magician, The Amazing Johnathan, The Great Maestro from Mexico and Fifi aka The Joker.

Angel will be celebrating the seventh anniversary of “Believe” at the Luxor on Halloween, and said he was fine with juggling both shows. “Believe” is the top-selling magic show in the world with over 2,500 performances. Angel said that he would be overseeing all the details and would be a part of each performance via live feed from Las Vegas.

Angel insisted that his name and reputation would be on the line with “The Supernaturalists”.

The Mindfreak promises to “amuse, amaze, surprise, enchant and delight everybody” that came to the show. Be sure to catch up on “The Supernaturalists,” which kicks off on June 23 at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut.

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