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Criss Angel has been, perhaps, the most in-demand magician in the world for over a decade now, and his Las Vegas stage show “BeLIEve” is halfway through its 15-year run. His phenomenal TV show “Mindfreak” continues to find new audiences in over 90 countries. Angel’s YouTube videos have generated close to 300 million views.
So what’s new for the world’s most popular magician? Does he have any new tricks up his sleeve? He has, apparently. In an interview with the Lehigh Valley daily, “The Morning Call,” Angel spoke of his brand new illusions such as the Houdini’s Metamorphosis. He spoke of another amazing illusion, which will have him cut a girl in half on a metal slab, completely in the open – without boxes, clothes or any sort of cover.
Whoa! How’s that even possible? But with Criss Angel, we are used to expecting the unbelievable!
Angel also spoke about how special it was for him to perform at the State Theater in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Criss Angel Spotted at the Blue Man Group Las Vegas inside Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Ace magician and illusionist Criss Angel was spotted alongside the Blue Man Group last week backstage at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. The big man wanted a private VIP meet-and-greet with the cast members. The updated Blue Man Group show creates the most amazing experience for the audience, with outstanding sound effects, lighting and video along with their usual thought provoking vignettes. No wonder the ultimate showman himself, Criss Angel liked it as well!

Second Season, ‘Mindfreak’ SPECIAL 3-DVD Box Set Released…

World famous magician Criss Angel is simply unbelievable in the 3-DVD box set featuring the second season of his super successful show, ‘Mindfreak.’ The first DVD has Angel levitating from building to building, vanishing into thin air, walking on top of water in a pool in Las Vegas, making elephants disappear and more.
The second DVD sees Angel doing incredible motorcycle jumps, reading people’s minds, including those of celebrities such as Sugar Ray lead singer Mark McGrath, performing illusions with the students at his old Long Island high school in East Meadow and amazingly, predicting the first, second and third place winners of a car race.
There is also an emotional story of Angel with Chad Juros, a young aspiring magician suffering from cancer who uses magic to give himself hope.
The third DVD has Angel having fun using comedian Carrot Top as a guinea pig for an amazing illusion, paying tribute to the military by performing incredible tricks and illusions for the troops and several other amazing tricks that include escaping from sharks and jellyfish, pulled by a jet ski at a speed of 40 miles per hour and more!
The DVDs are a must watch for fans of Mindfreak as they feature some of the most amazing illusions and magic tricks that many may not have seen before. Certainly, these DVDs see Angel at the top of his game.


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