Las Vegas Pool Party Dress Codes

If you’re not dressed to impress you will only get as far as the door.

The nightlife is something to celebrate on the Las Vegas strip but for those that enjoy some fun in the sun, the pools will be your hot spot. The day parties are just as upscale as your Saturday night headliner and you’d better dress to impress. Don’t expect to get into pool parties such as Wet Republic, Encore Beach Club, or Drai’s if you skimp on the dress code.

Ladies: Wear some sort of swimsuit wrap or cover-up while walking through the casino. High heels and wedges are highly encouraged and classy sandals are allowed as well. Leave the basic flip-flops in the room. Also, it’s fully expected for you to do your hair and have some make-up on as well. Once inside the day club, feel free to shed the wrap and let your hair down. Personal style is highly encouraged as long as it is in touch with the lavish experiences guests are paying for. While a designer swim suit is not required, all swim wear should be tasteful, with a hint of sexy, to meet the minimum requirements.

Gents: You can enjoy a more relaxed dress code because the options are minimal. Board shorts and a t-shirt are the proper mix when walking through the hotel. Feel free to remove your t-shirt once inside the day club. Flip-flops, boat shoes, and sandals are given the green light but don’t even think about wearing sneakers. Leave baggy clothes, athletic wear, and jeans at home as they will only get you to the door.

In a city that is notoriously wild, dress codes are not something Las Vegas eases up on. Guests paying for a 5-star experience want to look their best but don’t overdo it – remember it’s still a pool. Have fun with the dress code and come ready to party the day away.

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