Tips on Booking a Suite for a Las Vegas Wedding Reception

For anyone looking to host an in-suite event in Las Vegas, whether it be a wedding reception, like I am planning to later this year, a bachelor/bachelorette party, meeting, etc. one thing that will definitely come up is how many people you can realistically fit in the room/suite. Not only do many Vegas resorts have restrictions on in-suite events, but there are also recommended or maximum capacities on many of them.

Most of the easily bookable suites have a capacity of around 20-30 people. Mandalay Bay, for instance has the Vista Suite which can host around 30 people. To host more guests, you either have to squeeze people in and hope the hotel doesn’t care, or book a specialty suite, which can get pricey, though when you consider that not only will your reception/event venue be taken care of, but as you get to spend the night there, it is actually a good deal. View a list of suites and their capacities, with general starting rates below. If you have any questions, please click here. For accurate pricing, navigate to the hotel suite you are interested in here.

In-Suites in Las Vegas Good for Weddings


Presidential Suite: $5,000.00 per night. 60+ person capacity.
Chairman Suite: $6,000.00 per night. 60+ person capacity.
Villas: $5-6,000.00+ per night. Capacity unknown.


Caesars Palace-

Emperor Suite: $1,899 per night. 40+ person capacity.
Villas: $15,000.00+ per night. 100+ person capacity.



West End Penthouses: $1,000.00 per night. 25-35 person capacity.



Penthouses: $400.00 per night. 20-35 person capacity.


Hard Rock Hotel-

Altered States Ultra Lounge: $5,000.00 per night. 80-100 person capacity.
Living Art Ultra Lounge: $5,000.00 per night. 80-100 person capacity.
Paradise Tower Penthouse: $5,000.00 per night. 80-100 person capacity.


Mandalay Bay-

Vista Suite: $400.00 per night. 30-35 person capacity.


Mansion at MGM Grand-

1 Bedroom Mansion: $5,000.00 per night. Unknown capacity.
2 Bedroom Mansion: $6,000.00 per night. Unknown capacity.



2 Bedroom Villa: $2,200 per night. 45 person capacity.
3 Bedroom Villa: $2,500 per night. 60 person capacity.



5 Bedroom Penthouse: $3,500 per night. 100 person capacity.


Planet Hollywood-

Bay Spa Suite: $2,800 per night. 60 person capacity.


Skylofts at MGM Grand-

1 Bedroom Loft: $785.00 per night. 25 person capacity.
2 Bedroom Loft: $1,400.00 per night. 40 person capacity.
3 Bedroom Loft: $5,000.00 per night 80 person capacity.
2 Bedroom w/Terrace Loft: $5,000.00 per night. 100 person capacity.

These larger suites that I spoke of, for example Caesars Anthology Suites, Villas at Mirage, and some of the Skylofts at MGM Grand, etc. tend to have booking windows that you will need to work with. Most are 6 months out from your desired date, though some like the Mansion at MGM Grand are 2 months. What I did find is that the luxury reservations departments, especially MGM’s Luxury Sales division was extremely helpful and accommodating. Granted it helps that you might be willing to spend several thousand dollars for a one night stay, but even considering that, I believe they went above and beyond to be helpful, and to work with our wants and needs.

Should you choose Vegas as a wedding destination, keep in mind that you need to watch the weather. An outdoor wedding in the middle of July or August might not be the best idea for people who aren’t used to, or love the heat. I recently attended a wedding in 100+ degree heat and everyone was sweating through their clothes. Similarly, in the winter it can get cold for people not accustomed to near freezing temperatures.

Food & Beverage Spend

If you read my previous post, and are interested in booking a room/suite for a fun Vegas event, such as a wedding or party, one thing to mention, many of the hotels do require a minimum spend with regards to food or beverage service or at the very least you are required to buy all the food and drinks through the hotel, though if you have a smaller, low key reception they probably will look the other way as I have heard of many people bringing in outside catering.

This amount, should the hotel require it, can range from $25.00 per person at Skylofts to over $100.00 at the Villas at Mirage. Even at $100.00 pp this isn’t bad as you would spend close to this at many restaurants in town. Plus, some of these suites and villas make an excellent place to not only hold the reception, but the wedding.

Many of the villas in Las Vegas come with outdoor areas. The Villas at Mirage and the Villas at Bellagio both have pools, outside hot tubs, and large grassy areas perfect for decorating, and saying “I do”. When you combine wedding/reception venue costs, your stay in the villa, and food/beverage costs, it comes out quite favorably. Of course, the best part is that you get to share Vegas with your closest family and friends, while starting a new and exciting chapter in your life, and that is something you can’t put a price on. For more information on large suites, villas, and the best Vegas has to offer, click here.

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