Limo & Chippendale Package FAQs

Below is a list of answered frequent questions we have been asked over the years. If you havea question, please leave in comments box below and we will answer it for you!


How many limo rides are in the $89 Chippendale Package?
One ride is included.

Does the limo take us to the famous Las Vegas sign?
Providing your group is ready to leave on time and it’s not a holiday weekend; your limo will take your party to the Vegas sign for a photo-op.

Are driver tips included?
Yes. Driver is well tipped so no need to reach for your purse.

Are there any other fees or taxes?
No. Everything is included.

We have a bachelorette party. Can you get the bachelorette on stage?
Unfortunately that’s out of our hands. Only the boys on stage can make that decision.

What is the “free guest list”?
The guest list is controlled by the nightclubs. Once on the guest list, there is no cover required for ladies. We don’t charge anything to put our groups on the guest list.

Is the guest list available on holiday weekends?
Not normally.

Can we all sit together at the show?
Yes, but if you have a large group and you’re booking only a week in advance, your group may need to be split. Before completing the package we will notify any of our groups if there is a problem sitting everyone together (very rarely necessary).

What type of seating is included?
Tickets are “Preferred”‎ or “General” seating. We will always book the “Preferred” until all sold out. If Preferred is not available we will let our clients know before processing the order. Book at least 5 days before the big date and it should be no problem getting Preferred tickets. Best to book six weeks in advance for the best Preferred Chippendale tickets.

What type of limo will we get?
The type of limo will depend on the size of the party. For example, a group size of 6 will get a 6 passenger stretch, a party of 30 will get a limo coach.

$130 Chippendale VIP club entry  package

How many limo rides are included in the package?

There are two limo rides included in the package. The first limo takes the group to the Vegas sign for a group picture (group must be ready to leave at set departure time). After the sign it’s off to the Chippendale show. After the show the second limo will take the group to a nightclub.

Can we add a third limo ride after the nightclub?
A third limo can be added after the nightclub but we don’t recommend it. The extra limo needs to be scheduled at a specific time. This can be very tricky to predict.

What is VIP entry?
We have a host walk your group in, past the line.

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