Little Darlings Strip Club Recruits High School Graduates

“Now auditioning the class of 2015” and “Pay your way through college”.  Those are not the words from an institution of higher learning or a government program to supply financial aid to prospective college students. Instead these are the words you will find on the Little Darlings strip club sign erected over Interstate 15 near Charleston Boulevard.

Early June means the end of the school year and for thousands of students in the Clark County School District marks the end of High School. This fresh crop of talent will be entering the job market and Little Darling wants to make sure that women 18 years and older are aware of all their employment options.

This very public advertising has split the Las Vegas community in half. Some believe it a brash tactic that could damage young girls while others see the strip club as a viable opportunity for young girls who may not have any other choice.

According to the sign, “Girls can make up to $1,000 per night”. It’s a fact that many strippers in Las Vegas work in strip clubs to save on the financial burden of college tuition. There is over $1 trillion of student debt outstanding in the U.S. so could this be the best opportunity for some adventurous Vegas vixens?

Some people are expressing there concerns that employment at the strip club could lead a young woman down the wrong path away from higher education.

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