“O” Cirque du Soleil VIP Suite seating

O water scene at show

Experience luxury and comfort as you watch “O” by Cirque du Soleil. Seven VIP suites featuring crystal light fixtures and premium speaker systems have been unveiled by Cirque du Soleil to make everyone’s viewing experience truly extraordinary. The new suites are equipped with a private door and soundproof drapery for maximum privacy. Guests are also given excellent views of the stage.

“O” by Cirque du Soleil is an otherworldly, visually dazzling show that combines the elements of water, air and fire. A cast composed of synchronized swimmers, divers and world-class acrobats perform above, on and in water to create a breathtaking experience. Watch as talented divers jump with perfect accuracy from 60′ above the stage into a small 17′ triangular part of the pool and as synchronized swimmers perform an elegant water ballet. Enjoy as acrobats soar through the air and show a remarkable display of their acrobatic skills. Singers and live music complement every act of the show.

With the new VIP suites, guests will be taken to a stunning, mysterious aquatic world where they can witness an amazing display of talented performers and unique costumes and characters. While watching the show, they can enjoy appetizing truffles and other delicious treats and drink a bottle of wine or champagne. A convenient call button for special requests is also available.

A backstage tour of the show dubbed “Cirque Insider Access” will let guests see the wardrobe pieces worn by the performers up close, watch onstage rehearsals live and visit the green room where the performers unwind.

Suite tickets currently start around $300.00. With the new suites, Cirque du Soleil has certainly taken the VIP viewing experience to another level. Best price we found was at Vegas.com

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