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Cirque Du Soleil O is one of the most popular shows in Vegas, and so ticket options abound; we are here to help you choose the best option for you. Each of the 3 options listed on our website is good for different reasons. Keep in mind that the starting ticket price is not the final price, taxes and fees have to be added. The grand total depends on the show date, time, number of seats, and location of the seats. It can be overwhelming trying to find the best deal that works for your party; but don’t worry, we are making it easy for you.


There are 5 categories ranging from A to E. The best seats are in the Golden Circle, Category A. Category E is the “limited view seating”, meaning that the view from these seats may be obstructed; considering you can get better seats for a few more bucks, Category E is not necessarily the best bargain. The other categories are:
B – Premium view (Orchestra)
C – Standard view (Side Orchestra)
D – Balcony & upper loggia

Bellagio O cast


The following table presents the grand total cost per person (including fees and taxes). Note that these prices are not guaranteed as they may vary depending on the date, show time and number of tickets you buy. The prices listed here are based on the 7pm show, but sometimes the 9:30pm show is a bit cheaper.

MGM Resorts

These are the best prices overall, unless you specifically want the VIP Suite; keep in mind that in order to get the listed price you have to buy more than two tickets. Also, the MGM Resorts deal is not available year-round.

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Vegas.com has the exclusive VIP Suite offer; the VIP Suite includes a variety of chocolates and choice of champagne, red or white wine; the minimum purchase for the suite is 2 seats and a maximum of 4 per suite. If the MGM Resorts deal is not available Vegas.com offers the best prices in Categories C, D and E.

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Best of Vegas

If the MGM Resorts deal is not available Best of Vegas offers the best prices in Categories A and B.

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Planning your night before and after O

LavishVegas.com offers free concierge service if you want help in planning your night or even your whole trip! Plan My Trip in Vegas for FREE

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