Best 2+ Bedroom Suites & Villas in Las Vegas

Booking, or even simply finding, the best large suites and villas in Las Vegas can be a challenge. Hotel’s top accommodations are oftentimes not bookable on their websites or they are held in reserve for top casino guests and are not generally available to the public. Below, however, is our guide to the crème de la crème of Las Vegas’ most “lavish” suites.

1.)  Wynn Las Vegas- Apartment Villas (nearby bars, restaurants and things to do)

If you have $3 billion in cash or credit in the casino cage, you can receive the chance to stay in what appears to be your own private mansion at the Wynn’s Apartment Villas. The most elite of players can enjoy these 2-story and 4-bedroom apartments equipped with the most luxurious accommodations, including several master-suites, a private backyard and pool, his-and-her bedrooms, and a private hair-salon. Bucket list, anyone?


2.) Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace Nobu Villa (nearby bars, restaurants and things to do)

Although the Nobu Hotel is not the largest villa at Caesars Place, it is certainly the most impressive. The Nobu Villa features approximately 10,500 sq/ft of pure opulence, including a 4,700 sq/ft roof deck topped with Jacuzzis, BBQ grills, and stunning views of The Las Vegas Strip.   The price range for a night’s stay at the Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace ranges from $25,000.00 to $40,000. As the Nobu Villa is the most unique and newest of all of Caesars villas, the price can even go beyond $40,000.


3.)  The Villas at Caesars Palace (nearby bars, restaurants and things to do)

Caesars spent roughly $15 million in constructing the newest villas in the Octavius Tower to meet the standards of even the most demanding high roller. Each villa features luxuries such as private pools, fire pits, and private libraries. The largest of the new villas, named Constantine, is beautifully designed and makes you feel like you are stepping into a private palace on a Greek isle. Your personal palace can be booked, starting at $25,000.00 per night.


4.) The Palazzo Las Vegas- Chairman Suite (nearby bars, restaurants and things to do)

The Chairman Suite is the best of Palazzo and will leave you breathless.  Guests of the Chairman Suite enjoy fireplaces, gyms equipped with steam rooms, and bathrooms that are larger than many Vegas suites (yes, suites!). The Chairman Suite also features a private outdoor area with a pool and Jacuzzi for guests to enjoy. The cost to stay at the Chairman Suite starts at $25,000.00 per night.


5.) Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas- Emperor and Mandarin Suites

Who says you need to have a casino in your hotel to have one of the most lavish suites in Vegas? Not us, and certainly not the owners of Mandarin Oriental!  Their 2-bedroom Mandarin Suite or 1-bedroom Emperor Suite are each available at approximately $15,000.00 + per night.  For the price of a small car, you get sweeping views of Las Vegas out of floor-to-ceiling windows, a bathroom that wouldn’t be out of place in Architectural Digest, your very own chef’s kitchen, and your own private dining room.

Note: prices fluctuate greatly in Las Vegas based on the time of the year, important events, and even public perception of the property. Although there are many other suites and villas that can be added to the list, these villas represent the best-of-the-best.

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