What to Pack for Your Trip to Las Vegas

What you pack in your suitcase for a Las Vegas getaway can make or break your vacation. You’ll want to be comfortable while sightseeing on the Strip and look sharp while enjoying the nightlife. Before leaving for the airport, go over our list of essentials for maximizing any Sin City visit.

What clothes to pack for Vegas nightclubs

Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub
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Nightclubs are popular attractions for adults in Las Vegas. But keep in mind, many clubs have strict dress codes for entry.

Men will want to pack slacks or fashionable jeans (without holes or rips—even if they’re designer ones), button-down dress shirts and dress shoes. Add a form-fitting sports coat to take your look up a notch.

Women have a little more leniency when it comes to clubbing, but play it safe with something sexy yet comfortable. Pack a cocktail or party dress, heels or fancy sandals, and a small clutch or wristlet to hold your ID, cards, and phone. If you can fit a light pair of flats in your purse, switch into them after the club. It’s the best way to give your feet some welcome relief while on the way back to your hotel. Clubs and attractions often follow a holiday theme in December, so if you can pack something stylishly festive, even better.

Things to put on your packing list that aren’t ideal to buy in Vegas

buying alcohol Vegas

Not everything is about clothes. Bring these items with you instead of paying extra to buy them on the Strip.

Water filter bottle

Let’s be real. The water in Southern Nevada isn’t the best. But you can safely drink from the tap with the help of a filtered water bottle. Go with a reliable brand that might cost extra since it will save you even more money in the long run. A 500 ml bottle of water in Vegas starts around $4 on the strip. Between the desert climate and excess booze, you’ll want every tool at your disposal to battle dehydration.


Alcoholic drinks on the strip start at around $12 at the bars and $15 in the clubs. That’s why a lot of tourists love to pregame in their hotel rooms. However, a bottle in the lobby gift shop could be marked up by as much as 200 percent. So if you have a car, venture off-Strip to a local grocery store or liquor store—like Total Wine at Town Square—and stock up on bottles at regular retail prices. Some even bring booze with them from out of town! Airlines generally allow up to five liters of alcohol as checked luggage (with alcohol content between 24 and 70 percent) if it’s in a sealed bottle or flask. If you’re driving in from California, Arizona or elsewhere, feel free to pack as much as you like—and bring a cooler.

Portable phone charger 

Don’t leave your phone charger at home. You’ll need your phone ready to go when texting plans with your buddies and posting photos to social media after visiting every landmark. In fact, bring two of these. A phone charger is the number-one item people leave behind in hotel rooms. Just like alcohol, buying a replacement in the hotel or airport gift shop will cost a lot more than usual.


Whether it’s the Strip, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead or the Grand Canyon, you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors during your Las Vegas vacation. Keep your eyes shielded with a reliable pair of sunglasses. The cheap versions sold on Las Vegas Boulevard aren’t worth the price.


Moisturizing eye drops: Welcome relief for not only Southern Nevada’s dry air, but also nursing a hangover after a rough night of drinking.
Sunblock/lotion: The sun beats down hard in Las Vegas. Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than a nasty burn.
Facial spray: An underrated accessory if you’re prone to dry air.
Cash & credit: Avoid expensive ATM fees, especially at the strip clubs.

What to Pack for Vegas in November – January (39°- 70°)

Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (1)

Las Vegas is known for its desert heat, but the temperatures take a dramatic dive during the winter months. Definitely pack a warm jacket, especially if you plan on spending time outdoors exploring the Strip.

What to wear…


Bottoms: Long pants, jeans, tights, leggings, cocktail dress
Tops: Long sleeve blouses, pullover sweaters, turtlenecks
Outerwear: Coat, cardigan sweaters
Shoes: Boots, heels or dressy flats


Bottoms: Jeans, slacks
Tops: Button-down dress shirts, pullover sweaters, t-shirts
Outerwear: Coat, blazer
Shoes: Sneakers, boots, dress shoes

What to Pack for Vegas in February – March (40°- 75°)

The temperatures start to climb back up in March, but it can still be chilly. Pack a lightweight jacket just in case. As we get closer to spring break, the pools begin to open, so be prepared with your best swimwear. If you’re on the Strip for Valentine’s Day, bring something in red or pink, or at least something sexy and stylish, for date night. If you’re around for St. Patrick’s day, be ready to party in something green. Otherwise, there’s a risk of getting pinched!

What to wear…


Bottoms: Jeans, skirts, shorts, swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up, cocktail dress
Tops: T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops
Outerwear: Cardigan sweater, denim jacket
Shoes: Boots, flip flops, heels or dressy flats, sneakers


Bottoms: Jeans, shorts, slacks, swim shorts
Tops: T-shirts, buttoned-up dress shirt
Outerwear: Blazer, sweater
Shoes: Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes

What to Pack for Vegas in April – May (65°- 82°)

WET Republic

With summer right around the corner, temperatures continue to climb. While it’s not nearly as hot as June and July, you’ll still want to fill your suitcase with lightweight and breathable fabrics.

What to wear…


Bottoms: Shorts, skirts, cocktail dresses, swimsuit, thong (might want to add a swimsuit cover-up)
Tops: T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops
Outerwear: Cardigan sweater
Shoes: Flip flops, sneakers, heels or dressy flats


Bottoms: Shorts, jeans, slacks, swim shorts
Tops: T-shirts, buttoned-up dress shirt, tank tops
Outerwear: Blazer, light sweater
Shoes: Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes

What to Pack for Vegas in June – August (75° – 120°)

Las Vegas hotel with lazy river

The summer months are definitely among the most popular times to visit Vegas, but also the hottest. Hotels will have air conditioning systems on full blast, so if you’re spending time indoors at the casinos, restaurants or bars, you might want to put a light sweater or thin jacket on your list.

What to wear…


Bottoms: Shorts, skirts, sundresses, cocktail dress, swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up
Tops: T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops
Outerwear: Light cardigan (for indoors)
Shoes: Flip flops, sneakers, heels or dressy flats, sandals


Bottoms: Shorts, slacks
Tops: T-shirts, tank tops, buttoned-up dress shirt
Outerwear: Suit Vest (if you are feeling a little more flashy than the average Vegas tourist)
Shoes: Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes

What to Pack for Vegas in September – October (65°- 100°)

During the early fall months, the weather begins to dramatically cool down from the high temperatures of summer. Bring clothes you can layer. This is key because while it’s typically warm during the day, the air often gets chilly in the mornings and late evenings. Pack clothes you can easily take off and put on as needed throughout the day. If you find yourself in Vegas around Halloween, you’ll want to bring a fun costume (or two) to enjoy all the events and parties.

What to wear…


Bottoms: Jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up
Tops: Tank tops, loose fitting long sleeve tops, graphic tees, cocktail dress (for clubbing), Halloween costume
Outerwear: Cardigans, sweater, denim jacket
Shoes: Sneakers, heels or dressy flats, boots


Bottoms: Jeans, slacks, swimsuit
Tops: Button down dress shirts, t-shirts, Halloween costume
Outerwear: Light jacket, blazer
Shoes: Sneakers, athletic shoes, dress shoes

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