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Top 10 Best Las Vegas Bars in 2017

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Rockhouse at The Venetian brands itself as an upscale dive bar, combining Sin City glamour with rock and roll to create a rowdy —some might say raunchy — atmosphere all its own. Think of it as rock’s answer to Coyote Ugly. While its interior may not win any beauty-based awards (though the groupie-like staff might), Rockhouse’s charm is its design to unite partiers of all stripes. Whether your bar sport is dancing, foosball, billiards, darts, Frogger, or beer pong, you’re bound to brush skin with a stranger — and with inexpensive drinks, after enough alcohol, you may even start chatting them up.

9O'Sheas Bar

The legendary Irish-inspired O’Sheas exemplifies a true Vegas tradition. Now located at The LINQ, its laid back atmosphere and fun games continue to attract those looking for a good time. Here, visitors will find more than fifty types of beer and table games including the ever-classic, ever-popular beer pong; you can even participate in a tournament! The outdoor bar features nightly entertainment and live performances that keep the party going day and night.

Parasol Bar at Wynn


Parasol Up joins Parasol Down to form a pair of twins that make up one of the best casino bars in Las Vegas. Located at the Wynn, both halves face a huge glass window that looks out onto the Lake Of Dreams and its water show. While Parasol Up is sheltered from the sunlight, Parasol Down drinks the sunlight in like a late afternoon cocktail. A grand, spiraling escalator separates one bar from the next, with Up serving as more of a casino lounge and Down being more of an intimate cocktail rendezvous and offering some of the most creative libations on the Strip.

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7Red Square

Ever wonder what it must have felt like to be a member of the secretive, exclusive Soviet Politburo? Then check out Red Square at Mandalay Bay, adorned in Communist-red with plush booths and a rustic wood finish. It boasts a private vodka vault and a bar lined with more than 200 types of Russia’s favorite spirit. Red Square also offers an extensive caviar menu, designed to enhance your vodka experience, as well as other specialty food items. As a bonus, this bar is easy to find in the large maze that is Mandalay Bay: simply look for the statue of a headless Lenin.

Golden Spyke Bar at Gold Spyke

6Gold Spike

  • Location: 217 N. Las Vegas Blvd
  • Hours: 24 hours

Gold Spike in Downtown Vegas — just north of Fremont Street – takes patrons back to their Midwestern college town, where drinks were cheap and men and women were vigorous, youthful, relaxed and idealistic. Though largely a hangout for local millennials looking to escape the Strip, Gold Spike offers tourists of all ages and origin a refreshing break from the glitz and the glamour. You and your friends can play darts, golf, or shuffleboard, borrow retro games, read, or even play life-size Jenga or Cornhole in the massive backyard (which often features live music on weekends).

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