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Guide to Hosted Entry

If you do not have the luxury of a connection or a hosted entrance, you typically can expect to wait 2 to 3 hours before you can get your groove on. The wait is far from entertaining unless you are amused by drunks, pushy people, and others cutting in line.

Have you ever waited in line and wondered how some people were able to walk straight up to the entrance, wave someone down, and get in immediately? You look on with wonder. How are they so important that they get in straight away? That could be you, if you wish to take advantage of hosted entrance services offered by LavishVegas.com.

Hosted Entrance

When you’re looking for special treatment for a special occasion or if you just want to live it up, Lavish Vegas can assist by offering a VIP host services to any of the hot clubs in the city.

A hosted entrance service typically runs about $70 for gents & $35 for ladies.

Don't compare this service to many of the other sites out there. This isn't some coupon you print from your PC or a guest list service where you have to get in another line, only shorter.
The hosts at Lavish Vegas are well connected.

Do not be frugal with the pricing. Depending on the event or the night, cover charges start around $40 or more. An extra $40 for Gents may sound expensive to some, but does it not outweigh a 1-3 hour line wait?

Pay a little extra for special treatment.Come to Vegas and enjoy your weekend VIP style. Who wouldn’t want an ego boost as the night begins?