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XS Nightclub


  • Location: Encore Hotel
  • Music: Hip Hop, House, Top 40
  • Hours:1 0:00 p.m. - 4 a.m.
  • Occupancy: 1,300
  • Our Feature Fav: Great Energy

Upcoming Events

The Chainsmokers
Fri, Jun 22
The Chainsmokers
Sat, Jun 23

XS Review

From the moment you enter XS, you'll know you've entered a brand new wonderland. Housed in Steve Wynn's Encore, the Wynn's equally sexy sister resort casino, XS may not look like much from the outside (except for the mile long lines and beautiful people streaming in the door), but like tinted windows shielding the occupants of a celebrity's stretch limo, what's inside will more than impress. As the most expensive nightclub ever built, it should. XS is created by the same team responsible for Tryst at the Wynn, and is managed by twin brothers Jesse and Cy Waits, so you know you’re in good hands.

Bringing a whole new level of Las Vegas luxury to the Strip, XS lives up to its name, with an over the top design scheme that manages to be everything you never knew you wanted in a nightclub. This urban oasis looks like just that: as you descend the steps, you won't be quite sure where the chandelier lit dance floor ends and the outdoor pool begins.

This decadently designed club takes inspiration from the curves of the female body, models of which you'll see in shining gold behind the well stocked bars. Real live curves can be witnessed on the girls taking a spin around the poles or strutting their stuff on the raised platforms near the dance floor. With bottle service being one of the big draws of the club, you'll expect ample VIP seating. Make no mistake – here, you'll have your choice of it. Tables ringed with comfortable couches encircle the dance floor, offering prime see and be seen space for high rollers, but unlike at most clubs, it doesn't stop there. A few steps up you'll find an additional level of seating, offering divine views of the dance floor or the pool outside.

Why not take advantage of the Vegas heat and take the party outside? Outdoor bottle service tables feature poolside views and heat lamps for the cooler months. For a different spin on a night out, reserve one of the cabanas, where you can pipe the music in and keep the party going, or shut the curtains for some private party time. For the truly decadent, a few outdoor beds are available if you need to lie down to properly enjoy the view.

XS dance floor tables
XS outside pool tables

No matter what you've come to expect from Vegas clubs, XS is guaranteed to impress. In a town like this, that's no small accomplishment.