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Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller Discount Tickets

Penn & Teller Discount Tickets Las Vegas Review

  • Showtimes:
    9 p.m.
  • Location:
    Penn & Teller Theater, Rio
  • Show length:
    90 Minutes
  • Age restriction:
    Must be 5 years of age or older
  • Nearest Nightclubs: Moon, Ghostbar

Famed magicians and comedic duo Penn and Teller started their award-winning stage show on Off-Broadway back in 1985, and 25 years later have landed in their own theater at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. What started as a juggler and comedian has evolved into one of the most successful magic shows of all time, wowing audience members on a nightly basis. The difference between Penn and Teller’s show and every other magician on the Las Vegas Strip is that this talented duo likes to bring the audience in on their magic secrets, or so they would like you to think!

Heavy with audience participation, Penn and Teller reenact classic magic tricks, such as the ball in a cup trick where the cups are top down on a table and the ball magically moves from one cup to another, except here the cups are transparent and the magicians are explaining the trick out loud! Yet, don’t think for a moment that any illusions are lost on the audience. While the burly Penn directs and narrates the show with his outspoken humor and wit, the sly Teller brings the physical aspect of live stage magic and humor to life.

Audience members are brought on stage for several acts throughout the show, including one where the unsuspecting member is blindfolded and led to believe that there are knives being thrown at them. Over the years Penn and Teller have recreated themselves and their show many times over.
What you see on the stage tonight, is not necessarily what will be included tomorrow, which is their way of constantly reinventing themselves and their act to keep it fresh.

The culminating act of the show however, is a trick that took the duo several years to perfect and it is one that never disappoints. In this trick Penn and Teller actually take duel stances and shoot guns at each other, wherein they simultaneously catch each bullet in their mouths. How is the trick pulled off? They will never say. At least not yet.

Penn & Teller Showtimes

Date Day of Week Showtimes
02/29/2024 Thursday 9:00 PM
03/01/2024 Friday 9:00 PM
03/02/2024 Saturday 9:00 PM
03/03/2024 Sunday 9:00 PM
03/07/2024 Thursday 9:00 PM
03/08/2024 Friday 9:00 PM
03/09/2024 Saturday 9:00 PM
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