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Australia's Thunder from Down Under

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Thunder From Down Under Review

  • Showtimes:
  • Location:
    Thunderland, Excalibur
  • Show length:
    90 minutes
  • Age restriction:
    Must be 18 years of age or older

In a city with many famed male revues, choosing which set of men will tantalize a group can be tough. Thunder from Down Under offers something that no other male revue in town does: an all-Australian cast. After 22 years, Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur Casino & Hotel remains a favorite for Las Vegas bachelorette parties year after year.

Featuring a number of interactive sets, bachelorettes get the VIP treatment. Ladies wearing crowns and sashes get to go on stage and get hands-on with the men, making for an unforgettable bachelorette party that friends will be talking about long after the big day. Bachelorettes can feel (relatively) safe taking their mothers since the men keep it flirty and fun, and, while there are a few raucous comments and moments, it doesn’t dip into "vulgarity" territory. Women should note, however, that age is no guarantee of safety from the spotlight since the occasional grandmother gets selected from the crowd to come up on stage and join the fun.

Even for those who are not celebrating a special occasion, the show is not to be missed. With a saucy host to keep the crowd’s attention piqued and chiseled Aussies bearing their backsides, there is never a dull moment in the show. The stars make their way through the crowd, giving everyone—even if they are not wearing jewelry featuring male anatomy—some special attention.

The men—or blokes, if you want to embrace the Australian theme—combine 'N Sync- style dance moves with soap opera-worthy bodies, showcasing their six-pack abs, buff biceps, and tight tushes to a wide range of music. Catering to a variety of tastes, their performances feature music ranging from AC/DC to The Beatles to the Beastie Boys to Ginuwine to Big & Rich.

While the show features the standard Village People-esque costumes that populate male revues across the country, including the ubiquitous cowboy set, they have a few additions, like a pirate set and a businessman set. Whether the audience loves a man in uniform—in this case, a SWAT team of muscled men—or can’t resist the Sydney Fire Department, there is something for everyone.

Thunder from Down Under

Australia's Thunder from Down Under Showtimes

Date Day of Week Showtimes
02/29/2024 Thursday 9:00 PM 11:00 PM
03/01/2024 Friday 8:00 PM 10:00 PM
03/02/2024 Saturday 8:00 PM 10:00 PM
03/03/2024 Sunday 9:00 PM
03/04/2024 Monday 9:00 PM
03/06/2024 Wednesday 9:00 PM
03/07/2024 Thursday 9:00 PM
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